from Tim Levernier.

My dear friends,

I have been in Oakland as a member of BayUP for about two and a half weeks, but already I have had the opportunity to build community with the other members of BayUP, explore the city of Oakland, and begin work at City Team. The Lord has blessed this project and I hope to share what He is doing here with you all.

Since Jason has already given you an overview of our arrival in Oakland and our orientation with the other members of our BayUP team, I will tell you about our experience with City Team thus far.

Here at City Team, we have joined the community of men living together as they fight to overcome their addictions. We both live and work alongside them in order to fully integrate into their community. When working, we could be doing anything from handing out produce to the people of Oakland, to working in the kitchen, to attending Bible study with the men. Even today, we started working in the learning center, helping the men who wish to further their education in their time here. These tasks may seem ordinary, but every ordinary day here is one to be celebrated, as it is one more day that these men have fought and won a victory over their addictions.

I feel very blessed to be a part of BayUP and part of the group that has joined the City Team community. I am sure as the rest of the summer unfolds, we will tell you more stories about how our team has impacted the lives of these men and how these men have impacted our lives. For now though, I will stop here and convey my hope that for those of you reading this that you are well and in good spirits.

God Bless,
Tim Levernier


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